Hi, I'm Caden
Computer Science, UT Dallas Computer Science
UT Dallas
At a Glance
Who am I?
What have I done?
Frontend Development
Programmed the frontend for the leading Rocket League Prices website. It currently has (over) 40,000,000 pageviews and 1,500,000 users.

"We have been lucky to work with Caden Popps since the early stages of our Start-Up. With his dedication to sustainable quality code and by taking great initiative to improve our product beyond his sole assignments, he has become a valuable member of our team and part of our success." -Blinkmoth, Project Lead
Personal Website
Programmed my own website from scratch using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Taught myself how to host it at home, and eventually how to host it remotely on a paid host. Programmed the many games and Javascript apps on my website.
Tic Tac Toe Android App
Programmed a Tic Tac Toe game for Android using Android Studio, Can be played two player or against an unbeatable AI opponent. Published on the Google Play store.
Chess Engine
Taught myself enough Java to program a playable Chess game with an Artificial Intelligence opponent (chess engine).
Standardized Tests
1530 SAT
Max Score 1600, 99th percentile overall.
1460 PSAT
Max Score 1520, 99th percentile overall.
AP Exams
  • Computer Science - 5
  • US History - 5
  • World History - 5
  • Statistics - 5
  • Calculus AB - 5
  • Economics - 5
  • English III - 4
  • Environmental Science - 4
  • US Government - 4
  • English IV - 3
Westwood High School
  • Weighted GPA: 4.714
  • Unweighted GPA: 3.523
Computer Skills
Fluent in
  • HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • JQuery
  • p5.js
  • Google Apps Suite
  • Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Visual Studio Code
Experience with
  • Python
  • C++
  • Java
  • SQL, MySQL
  • Node.js
  • Fiix API
  • Android Dev Studio
  • Google Development Platform
Programmer and Designer (Paid Internship)
Summer 2018
Worked heavily with Balsamiq to design a new web tool for analyzing patient data. Upon completion, the design was communicated with the CEO and professional web development team in Ukraine and moved towards production.
Programmer (Paid Internship)
Summer 2016 and 2017
Worked with databases, MySQL, cloud storage, interface mockup, and front and back end Javascript. Learned how to use the Fiix CMMS API by reading through its documentation, and successfully added, removed, changed, and searched for assets stored in a sandbox Fiix database. Presented my findings in two business meetings, one at the JP3 offices, one over the phone.
Quality Assurance (Paid Internship)
Spring and Summer 2017
Performed quality assurance tests on mobile and web apps, and submitted bug reports through Github. Talked with the app developers to find solutions for the problems.
Waterloo Soccer
Team Captain
Led my club soccer team to win our division in the 2016-2017 season.
HCBC Outreach
Team Leader
Summer 2017
Chosen to lead a group of high school students during a 2-week community outreach project.
Leadership Training
Chosen from approximately two hundred students to participate in a small leadership training program.
Club Soccer
I have played soccer outside of school since I was young, and I love the game. I played in a Town & Country league in the beginning, and transitioned to the Lonestar developmental academy once I was old enough. In sophomore year I moved to an independent team with my friends. We won our division in the first season, got moved up a division, and placed 2nd place in the 2017-2018 season. I usually play offensive positions, such as striker.
High School Soccer
I played soccer for Westwood all four years, and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. In the 2018 season, we went to the second round of playoffs at the Varsity level.
Private Lessons
In late 2016, I began taking Piano lessons from a friend's mother and I quickly fell in love with it. I began listening to classical and contemporary Piano, and practiced every day for hours at a time. Click here to hear my latest piece.
Westwood Piano 1
Though I was taking lessons and practicing daily, I wanted more time to play the Piano. I signed up for Piano 1 at Westwood, and I used the time to practice my pieces, scales, and other piano skills.
Westwood Computer Science
In my sophomore year, I took my first computer science class, Computer Science AP. I had always thought that I would hate programming, as it seemed lonely, static, and most of all, I thought it involved no creativity. However, since the very first day my interest was piqued. The more I learned, the more I was able to express my thoughts in code, and I performed very well in the class. The next year, I took Computer Science III, which further expanded my knowledge and exposed me to new areas of Computer Science. I am very grateful for the opportunity to take this class, as it has turned into a passion that will last a lifetime.
Personal Interest
Since I took Computer Science AP in my sophomore year, I could not get enough of programming. I found ways to use my new knowledge outside of the school environment, such as creating a playable chess game with an Artificial Intelligence opponent. I eventually moved on from Java, which is taught in Computer Science AP, to web programming languages, because I could share my work with others. I learned how to make a website and web games, and posted them on the first iteration of cadenpopps.com . It was extremely simple at first, a white page with image links to the Javascript games I made. I overhauled it again and again, but have always become bored with the designs I have made. I kept searching for ways to apply my knowledge to other areas of interest, and I was eventually hired to program the frontend for a website that expected huge user numbers (rl.insider.gg) . I was terrified but captivated, I knew I could not turn down this opportunity. The site launch was extremely encouraging, we received a lot of positive feedback, and it has driven me to work even harder on my programming projects. What I have learned about programming is that it is a tool to express creativity, not a boring set of rules to follow. It can be tedious at times, but for me, it is the most rewarding form of expression.